New Belgium looks to our In-Kind Donations Program as path to live-out our Core Values and Beliefs while fueling the work and vision of partner organizations. Thank you for this opportunity to be involved!  

  • Who do we give to?
    We care about preventing catastrophic impacts of climate change and increasing bicycle ridership. We care about preserving miles of water and acres of land. We care about equal opportunity for all to access the outdoors. As such, we look for opportunities to support organizations that share these interests. In addition, we are continually inspired by our coworkers' passions and do what we can to support the myriad causes they give their time to champion. While we would like to support all that is good and worthy, please understand that because of demand, we often must decline.
  • Who don't we give to?
    Because our support is cause-related and most of it goes to 501c3 nonprofit organizations, the following will be declined: teams, athletes, bands, sponsorships and financial solicitations. Often times queries of this nature aren't considered charitable and do not align with our giving program.
  • Where do we give?
    We focus our in-kind giving in our home states of Colorado and North Carolina. Out of state requests will be declined. Donations are coordinated for local pick up at one of our brewery locations in Fort Collins, CO or Asheville, NC.
  • What do we give?
    Beer, of course! We also give swag, merch, gear and tours. This can range from small items such as stickers and bottle openers to gift packs valued at $50 to $250 featuring selected gear from the tasting room shops. Occasionally, private tours are donated and valued at $200 to $650 and 10 to 25 spots depending on the tour. Open requests for bicycles are not a part of the In-Kind Donations Program.
  • When to apply?
    Beer: You must apply AT LEAST 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE to be considered. Merchandise/Tours: You must apply AT LEAST 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE to be considered. Please do not apply if your request does not meet these timing requirements.
  • How to apply
    If your request fits these guidelines, please continue to the application below. Requests that fall outside the guidelines will be declined. When you’ve submitted your request, we will send you a quick email to confirm we received it. We aim to provide a reply within three weeks of receiving the application.
  • Questions?
    Please reach out to
NBB Gives